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Hidden, 2018

30 x 30 x 43 cm

ceramic, milk, flour, aluminum, hidden camera

I use materials such as ceramic, milk, flour, and aluminum to create a fragile balance of power between a spoon of flour and a plate of milk. The aluminum sifter contains a pile of flour, and the flour will fall through the net, triggered by any change from the ambient air. Also, the sifter is hung and placed in the air by three tight threads. On the other hand, the lower part contains a ceramic plate filled with milk which is so full that one more drop will cause its overflow. Thus, a delicate mechanism has been created to reflect the smallest change of the environment. The tension within these elements fascinates me.? A hidden camera was set on the wall behind to record everything during the exhibition. I tested around 100 strangers whether they could recognize what materials my work is made from, and based on the video evidence, only one person passed the test:)

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