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(28.115086, 24.783803)

Keeping the curiosity of the desert, the artist recreates the desert between virtual and reality.


I have never been to the desert within my living memory, but the image of the desert has reappeared over and over again in my mind. So I find a piece of land deep in the Sahara Desert by Google Maps, (28.115086, 24.783803). I hope to reproduce the appearance in Google Maps of this piece of land in reality.


The wind blows, and this land will change over time. So I decided to materialize ‘the land ‘in my mind, by picking the appearance of ‘the land' at a particular time on Google maps. I screen-shot the map on my phone and project my emotions from my mind into my hands to finish the ceramic sculpture. I use the sand to surround the ceramic, but I choose white sand instead of yellow desert sand, to fit better with ‘the land,' to reproduce the paradoxical desert. The audience can also scan the QR code on the side to reach the desert. It is a desert, the special desert at that time, but the ceramic sculpture in the middle reminds people that this is not a desert. Nature wraps artificiality, artificiality also attempts to restore nature. The ceramic contains emotion, and remind people whether it has or not has been to the desert keeps the distance from the piece. Is it the art in the desert, or Is it the desert include the art? Or even, do I have ‘the land' with my mixed emotion in a larger desert?°06'54.3%22N+24°47'01.7%22E/@28.1150864,24.7816144,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d28.1150864!4d24.7838031?hl=zh-Hans-US

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