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The Wall

Date of Completion: 2019.4


Dimensions in Centimeters (H x W x D): 15x25x0.1

The object that I chose was the wall. Walls are usually made of masonry; they seem very firm and feel hard. Although the wall is very cold to the touch, it's warm in my gut and provides me with a feeling of safety. I used to sleep next to the wall since I was a child, so for me, the wall is not the wall itself, It's more like a shelter, sheltering me from the wind and the rain and giving me the sense of security. Without the wall, there won't be the physical form of a 'home,' so the wall has long been turned into a symbol, to wrap me and shelter my heart from the danger. At this time, the wall has been transcending beyond the object itself. It could be anything that provides you with security. Abstractly, It could be a country, a family, or even an intimate relationship.


Trickily, although the wall is a three-dimensional and exists in our surroundings in physical form. It's often a two-dimensional plane in the human line of sight. It's usually for us paying attention to whether it's dirty or rugged of a surface of the wall, but It's tough for us to see the thickness of walls around us. It may be related to the change of my life; I began to become interested in the thickness of the wall. The wall which provide people with security might be not as thick as people imagined. It may easily be easily destroyed by wind and rain, or the real vulnerable thing is the wall itself. I have begun to realize that the thing that provides me with a sense of security is not as strong as I imagined.

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