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Warm Tree, 2021


210 x 160 x 128 cm

OLED Screen, 3D Print resin, Mohair, Hair from my dog Liz, digital animation.

Subtle emotions and ephemera fascinate me the most, yet they are equally easy to forget. So through my art practice, I have been longing to capture the most delicate emotions and the most sophisticated details in my memory. In the piece named "warm tree," I attempt to overcome the limitations of memorization and documentation. I first selected the botanic embodiment of my feelings to my beloved dog, a Chinese wisteria branch. I also included chestnut fibers that mimic her furry appearance. Then I create a 3D model of the plush tree with an animation that visualizes its breath. The digital model connects to the plant, so they seem like life has extended from each other. By adopting traditional media and modern technologies, I would like to display a group of contradictions: timeless virtual space versus tangible life forms, eternality versus ephemera, moving versus still, and machinery versus nature.

warm tree,2021.005.PNG
RUOFAN 2021 FINAL_副本-4.png
warm trees, 2021.003.jpg
warm tree,2021.004.JPG
warm tree,2021.005.jpg
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